Have Democrats hacked your mind?

Over the past few weeks, the left has expertly hacked the right by putting out the fake "The Russians Did It" narrative, referring to the reputed source of the 30,000+ Clinton campaign emails published by WikiLeaks.  The right is off balance and off message making excuses and denials, while the Trump transition team has temporarily veered from its focus on fulfilling campaign promises to engage in a useless mini-war with the U.S. intelligence establishment and president Obama.  This idiotic Russia craze has consumed endless news cycles with far too much air time and punditry.

Can't the right recognize a con when they see it?  This is simply a leftist redirection to cover up the true story, which is the content of the emails detailing astounding corruption at the Clinton Foundation, shocking collusion between the mainstream media and the Democrat Party, and a secret plot at the DNC to scuttle the candidacy of Bernie Sanders.  The solution is to avoid taking the bait being dangled by the left.  Instead consider using this handy memory device: substitute the word "truth" whenever you hear the word "Russians," and mental clarity will result.  The following example conversation demonstrates:

Leftist: The Russians hacked our election to install Trump and so he is illegitimate.

Rightist: The emails reveal the truth.  Do you deny that?  Are you saying the 30,000 Clinton emails should be hidden?  Is it now official Democrat policy to support corrupt presidential candidates by hiding their corruption from the American people?  Should we endorse presidential candidates who lie, cover up, and misdirect like HRC?  Is the purpose of the news now to conceal the truth, rather than to reveal it?  What we should do now is prosecute HRC for breaking the law and plug our leaky government I.T. infrastructure.

The bottom line here is that WikiLeaks provided an invaluable service by broadcasting the truth to American voters.  It matters not who provided the emails, or when, or what the motivation of the leakers was.  If you listen to the left, you're barking up the wrong tree, as my mom used to say.  Stick to the facts.

What is going on, unfortunately, is that the right has become so addicted to passively accepting the talking points of the left, then reflexively slamming into denial/excuse/apology mode, that we don’t know when or how to change.  Break your addiction, and stop listening to the Leftist Message Machine!  Fill the information vacuum with Conservative Talking Points and Make America Great Again.

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