NeverTrumps complain Trump isn't giving them jobs

Foreign policy experts who signed letters indicating that Trump is not qualified to be president are finding that now that Trump has won the election, they are having trouble getting hired by Mr. Trump to work in his administration. They are some of the biggest names in the Republican national security firmament, veterans of past GOP administrations who say, if called upon by President-elect Donald Trump, they stand ready to serve their country again. Not just names in the firmament.  The biggest names in the firmament! But their phones aren't ringing. Their entreaties to Trump Tower in New York have mostly gone unanswered. In Trump world, these establishment all-stars say they are "PNG" – personae non gratae. Their transgression was signing one or both of two public "Never Trump" letters during the campaign, declaring they would not vote for Trump and calling his candidacy a danger to the nation. The letters were explicit in...(Read Full Post)