Let Democrats be Democrats

History teaches that all men have blind spots that are impervious to facts.  Nowhere is this phenomenon more evident than in the aftermath of 2016’s presidential election.    President-Elect Trump’s every utterance, action, and choice is condemned as demagoguery, war mongering, or ethnically or sexually discriminatory by Democrats and their allies. He has been criticized for saving American jobs (Carrier), for saving taxpayers money (Boeing), and for starting to rein in a bloated federal bureaucracy (Scott Pruitt to head the rogue EPA).  Clearly, he can do nothing right. The two camps are divided as much by opposing worldviews as by opposing political views. It is liberals, Ivy League-credentialed, sophisticated, tolerant, open-minded stewards of received wisdom and “settled” science, who are most impervious to facts and resistant to change.  Ironically, these putative descendants of Thomas Paine’s Age of Reason...(Read Full Post)