Killing CNN

Someday, Bill O'Reilly may add to his list of historical books, which include Killing Kennedy and Killing the Rising Sun, the title Killing CNN.  It portends to be the chronicle of a vital turning point in American history, the death of the propaganda machine in our politics, and the resurgence of genuine journalism. I have for some time now eschewed referring to most American news institutions as "mainstream media" and instead termed them what they are: the Ministry of Propaganda (MoP). I know, I know – there comes a time when we are supposed to stop complaining about bias in the news.  It is akin to complaining about the weather, about which we can do nothing.  Donald Trump is proving otherwise.  If liberals can claim that they can stop global warming, then we may justly claim that Trump can stop the global pollution the MoP spews out so continually that many of us have gotten used to it. In previous years, conservatives were...(Read Full Post)