Homeland, season 6, and unintentional (?) comedy

Anyone who has already watched the premier episode of Homeland, season 6 knows that it has become something of a comedy.  The hard-bitten, bipolar, tough, and brave-beyond-description Carrie Mathieson is now, suddenly, a pro-Muslim activist in Brooklyn, defending young men she now believes have been erroneously arrested as potential terrorists.  Talk about a personality change.  Now she is a walking, talking victim of Stockholm syndrome.  Psychobabble hardly describes what the writers have done to this character – from international anti-terror heroine to simpering member of something like CAIR in under a year. Worst of all is what the writers have done to the best character in the series, Peter Quinn.  Quinn was the cleverest, bravest, and most endearing person on the show.  At the end of last season, he was barely alive due to a sarin gas attack by terrorists who had taken him hostage.  The cliffhanger was: would Carrie...(Read Full Post)