Good News: Tucker Carlson replacing Megyn Kelly

Congratulations to Tucker Carlson for landing the prime time (9 PM, Eastern) slot being abandoned by Megyn Kelly.  I am particularly enthusiastic because Tucker has risen very rapidly (from weekend host on the early morning Fox & Friends show) to Great’s old 7 PM slot, to following Bill O’Reilly and inheriting a bigger audience and much greater media visibility.

Fox News:

Tucker Carlson is assuming the 9pm time slot being vacated by outgoing host Megyn Kelly, and Martha MacCallum will be taking Carlson's place at 7pm with a program covering President Trump's first 100 days in office, the Executive Chairman of 21st Century Fox Rupert Murdoch announced Thursday.

“In less than two months, Tucker has taken cable news by storm with his spirited interviews and consistently strong performance,” Murdoch said in a statement. “Viewers have overwhelmingly responded to the show and we look forward to him being a part of Fox News’ powerful primetime line-up.”

Evidently, a lot of other people besides many of us here at AT appreciate the job Tucker has been doing by actively foring leftists to defend their views.

After a record-breaking launch in the 7pm hour last November, "Tucker Carlson Tonight" has become one of the most buzzed about cable news programs on television. Featuring analysis and debates with guests from across the political and cultural spectrum, the show finished December as the number two cable news program in the Adults 25-54 demographic behind only “The O’Reilly Factor.”

He earned his promotion the hard way: by researching his guests, thinking through multiple lines of questioning, remaining calm and outwardly friendly and polite, and by going in for the kill with a laugh and a smile.

As for Martha McCallum, I have only seen her as a newsreader. We’ll see what she does with the opportunity being handed to her.

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