Broadcast networks refuse to cover anti-Trump, anti-white torture incident in Chicago

As the news broke yesterday that four black young adults in Chicago had kidnapped and tortured for hours a mentally challenged young white man, broadcasting part the incident on Facebook, NBC and ABC News refused to cover the incident at all, while CBS sanitized its report of any reference to hatred of Trump and white people – which were the self-designated motives of the attackers.  The words “f--- Trump” and “f--- white people” were used extensively in the video on Facebook.

Here it is, but it is not for the weak of stomach:

The Media Research Center provides a transcript of the CBS report so incomplete it can be considered misleading, not informing the public.

CBS Evening News
January 4, 2017
6:43 p.m. Eastern

JOSH ELLIOTT: Well, Chicago, which just had one of its most violent years ever, was the scene of another horrifying attack this week. A young man, described as law enforcement sources as developmentally challenged, was beaten, kicked, and tormented for half an hour. Video of the assault streamed live on Facebook yesterday. The victim had been reported missing from his home in the suburbs. He is now in the hospital and four suspects are in custody. 

There are good but dishonorable reasons why the networks are anxious to hide the reality of the incident from their viewers. It reveals that the climate of hatred being promoted by the left in the wake of an electoral defeat is having horrible consequences.  Bullies are taking the opportunity to let their ugliest sides out – from Bruce Springsteen to racist street thugs.

White people are now on notice that racist attacks on them are no big deal, as far as the broadcast networks are concerned.

Meanwhile, the Chicago police are not sure that yelling “f--- white people” while torturing a helpless man indicates a hate crime.  

A question for the broadcast nets and Chicago P.D.: Do white lives matter?

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