Patriots Day movie a minor miracle

I am shocked that Hollywood let this one be produced.  Not only is Patriots Day very well done, but it is not politically correct.  After watching it, the natural tendency of viewers is to support Trump in his views on refugees. There is about 10 minutes of “carnage” (as Trump would say) shown in the movie of the aftermath of the bombing.  Not sanitized in the least – and it should not be, given the havoc that terrorism wreaks. I would add that the elder Tsarnaev brother’s wife does not come out well.  The movie all but accuses her of at least obstructing justice and being an accessory after the fact.  It is hard to see how she wouldn’t know that her husband and his younger brother were planning terror attacks.  The college roommates of the younger brother also clearly obstructed justice – but they were at least imprisoned.  They are supposedly still investigating the wife.  I hope they will bring...(Read Full Post)