La La Land: A secret conservative movie?

There is a certain irony that the movie La La Land, at its core, it is a movie based on conservative values such as the preservation and timelessness of tradition, obligation, and self-sacrifice.  They may seem somewhat clichéd to some, but in the context of the hyper-liberalism of Hollywood, aka "La La Land," these stand out as the primary themes in a movie that could also be described as that of two aspiring artists whose ultimate destiny was determined by the competing tension between love and ambition. It was Edmund Burke, the original conservative, who first promoted the idea that tradition and obligation are most important for a well functioning society.  In the book The Great Debate: Edmund Burke, Thomas Paine and the Birth of Right and Left, Yuval Levin highlights the contrast between his philosophy and that of one of the original liberals, Thomas Paine, who thought it was choice and individualism that provided the highest societal good....(Read Full Post)