'El Presidente' Enrique Peña-Nieto coming to Washington

Let me give President Enrique Peña-Nieto a little credit for taking the initiative and setting up a meeting with President Trump.  He is under a lot of political pressure south of the border.  Let me give President Trump credit for accepting the visit.  It shows me that both sides want to get something good started. This is from the L.A. Times: The Mexican president’s early visit to the Trump White House underscores the importance that Mexico City places on having smooth relations with the new  U.S. administration, despite candidate Trump’s many broadsides against Mexico and Mexicans. According to a statement released by the Mexican government, Peña Nieto told Trump on Saturday that he hopes to work together "with a focus on respect for the sovereignty of both nations and shared responsibility." Beyond the politics, Mexico and the U.S. have serious common interests, from cartels that kill Mexicans and bring drugs...(Read Full Post)