Breaking news: Dixie Chick still bird-brained

Remember those three good-lookin' chicks who sang in such perfect harmony and were at the top of the playlist for every country radio station across the South and much of the rest of the nation back a decade and more?  No?  Neither did I until they popped up recently on a few conservative news sites spouting the same sort of leftist drivel that destroyed their success a decade ago, when they poisoned their largely Southern and rural base by repudiating a president popular with that base. This time, it's even worse.  Not only is lead vocalist Natalie Maines once again attacking a president whose programs are extremely popular with that part of America where her music genre is most listened to, but their manager is literally gloating over the idea that the entertainment industry is blacklisting those entertainers who agree to perform before the nation at the Trump inauguration.  Emphasizing that any entertainers who agree to do so are putting their careers...(Read Full Post)