Breaking news: Dixie Chick still bird-brained

Remember those three good-lookin' chicks who sang in such perfect harmony and were at the top of the playlist for every country radio station across the South and much of the rest of the nation back a decade and more?  No?  Neither did I until they popped up recently on a few conservative news sites spouting the same sort of leftist drivel that destroyed their success a decade ago, when they poisoned their largely Southern and rural base by repudiating a president popular with that base.

This time, it's even worse.  Not only is lead vocalist Natalie Maines once again attacking a president whose programs are extremely popular with that part of America where her music genre is most listened to, but their manager is literally gloating over the idea that the entertainment industry is blacklisting those entertainers who agree to perform before the nation at the Trump inauguration.  Emphasizing that any entertainers who agree to do so are putting their careers in deadly peril, Chicks manager Simon Renshaw said this with some relish:

If anyone does do it, I hope that the check that they get is in the nine figures. Because it's probably the last check they're ever going to get[.]

Renshaw's mouthy charge, Maines, had this to say about the president-elect:

Just so you know…I'm ashamed the President elect is the President elect every single second of every single day.

— Natalie Maines (@1NatalieMaines) January 9, 2017

Ever wonder why you don't see many trained chickens?  It has much to do with the very small size of their brains and their subsequent inability to remember hard lessons taught.  The Chick in question here seems unable to remember what happened to her the last time she got cheeky and spouted leftist politics, thoroughly pissing off a very large segment of America – the same segment that just happened to buy and listen to her music.  The Chicks were dropped from all the major stations and had to flee to Europe, where their leftist histrionics were better received.

American lefties may love the politics of the Chicks, but they do not listen to a lot of country music, so if the Chicks have managed to re-establish themselves with a few forgiving American audiences, you'd think they'd have found a button for Natalie's lefty lip.  But no, just look at that picture, folks, and tell me honestly that the term braying doesn't pop into your mind.  Ol' Nat appears to be a fitting Democrat icon after all.

So two Chicks and a jackass can cohabit!  Who knew?

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