A look at black-on-white torture in Chicago

As President-Elect Donald Trump (R) demonstrates daily, the new electronic media is changing the news, adding diversity to ways the public consumes news, and even allowing newsmakers to deliver news directly to the public without intermediaries interpreting or deciding what is news.   Thursday, four black youths, two males and two females (and isn't gender equality wonderful?) allegedly (innocent until proven guilty, of course) committed a truly evil deed.  Although the broadcast and even the dead tree media minimized its disgusting nature, bloggers and tweeters discovered the event and publicized it on their sites.  Well, it wasn't too difficult to find it, as the alleged perps gleefully streamed the event in real time for about a half an hour on Facebook.  Apparently, this did not violate Facebook's sensibilities, although the victim was gagged, punched, knifed, and forced to drink from a toilet by the four  "youths"...(Read Full Post)