A leak in the pension dam

For decades, I've watched unions, both private-sector and public-service, collude with the Democratic Party to boost salaries, benefits, and pensions to levels unattainable to the average non-union American worker, all the time wondering, "How the hell are they ever going to keep that going?"  For years, when we encountered one of those big, lumbering, quarter-million-dollar motor homes, my wife and I would joke, "There goes another retired lawyer or doctor."  These days, based on publicly available data, our speculation is that it's likely a retired cop or fireman. We visited old college friends a couple of years ago at their very nice home on a lush fairway in the desert southwest.  He's a retired public utility worker and union official, while she's a school administrator.  While he was showing me the yard, I spotted a two-story Spanish Colonial-style mansion across the fairway and observed, "Looks like you have...(Read Full Post)