The Women’s March and the real deplorables

In a recent viral Facebook post, a conservative woman found it necessary to point out that she wasn’t a “disgrace to women” for not supporting the Women’s March on Washington.  Of course not.  Saying otherwise is a bit like having called a soldier a disgrace to soldiers for not having supported the My Lai Massacre. One D.C. marcher held a placard stating, “I am more than my v-----.”  This was clear: she was also a mouth and a sign. British journalist Katie Hopkins, who attended the Saturday event, cited the above message and pointed out that possession of such an anatomical feature “is a matter of biology, not a political argument” – and that the marchers had no political arguments.  Theirs was a collective tantrum. Madonna spoke at the rally, dropped f-bombs, led the throng in chanting “I'M NOT YOUR B----!” and then, quite ironically, complained that “Good” didn’t win...(Read Full Post)