Warning to Democrats: The rules have changed

Bob Dylan's 1964 hit song, "The Times, they are a Changin'," might today be appropriately listened to by liberals and Democrats.  I doubt, however, that they will listen.  As the adage goes, none are so blind as them that will not to see. Weeks after the election, they still don't get it.  We still hear the litany of worn out excuses, such as "We didn't get our message out."  The Russians did it.  The FBI did it.  Bernie supporters betrayed us.  Blacks did not vote.  The election was stolen.  Hillary won the popular vote (albeit with massive voter fraud, of which Detroit is only the tip of the iceberg with its 120-percent voter turnout in many Democrat precincts). Trump's supporters did get their message out.  We are middle America.  We are the people who make things.  Why are we being squeezed out of our jobs, our culture, and our country?  Why do you sneer at us? After...(Read Full Post)