Veterans teach Hampshire College an Old Glory lesson

I try not to pay much attention to the antics happening on so-called progressive colleges, but last month president Jonathan Lash at liberal arts Hampshire College in Amherst, Massachusetts stated the U.S. Flag is "a disruptive symbol."  This got my attention.  It turns out the children attending this college led by the adolescents parading as college administrators got pretty upset over their presidential candidate losing the election.  Some of the students had an outright hissy fit (even worse than having a broken cell phone!) and decided to lower the campus Flag to half-staff the day after the election.  Then, someone on campus took the next step by taking the flag down and burning it.  To add further insult, the remnants of the burned Flag were found on campus on the morning of Veterans' Day.  Lash decided then to remove The Flag altogether while the college would have further...(Read Full Post)