Unions playing defense now

The just concluded election does not bode well for Big Labor, and a recent unanimous Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals decision may be even worse. With the election of Republican governors and legislators, the odds are good that three additional states will join the right-to-work ranks in the coming year.  They are Kentucky, Missouri, and New Hampshire. Then there's the election of Donald Trump.  From this seismic event, the composition of the National Labor Relations Board will change from its current lopsided pro-labor tilt to one that is significantly more fair and balanced.  And of course, those whom Trump will likely nominate to the bench will not be lapdogs for the unions as Hillary Clinton's appointees surely would have been. In addition to 2016 election, there is even more bad news for Big Labor. On November 18, the U.S. Sixth Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed in the United Auto Workers v. Hardin County that local governments can decide...(Read Full Post)