Trump channels Kennedy, Reagan on nukes

Donald Trump's critics seem to say that on one hand, our president-elect is going to give away the store to Vladimir Putin and on the other hand, provoke him into war.  Well, it can't be both, but judging from their reaction to Trump's tweet on modernizing and expanding our nuclear arsenal, they seem to be leaning to the latter at the moment. Yet all Trump is saying, while borrowing the "peace through strength" slogan from President Ronald Reagan, is what Reagan said and Kennedy said in the constitutional context of defending us against foreign enemies. This contrasts with President Obama's mantra that weapons, not tyrants, cause wars, a theme he echoed when he visited Hiroshima, the site of the use of the first atomic bomb in war. That our nuclear arsenal needs upgrading as Russia, China, and North Korea expand theirs, with Iran waiting in the wings, is beyond question.  As the Heritage Foundation notes in its publication The Daily...(Read Full Post)