Time for a new treaty with Israel

The perfidy of President Obama's actions thru the United Nations last week admits of a deed that would foreclose the possibility of such actions ever being repeated: an Israel-America Relations Treaty. With the exception of the “FRIENDSHIP, COMMERCE AND NAVIGATION Treaty, with Protocol and Exchange of Notes, between the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA and ISRAEL,” there does not appear (aside from numerous agreements, etc.) to be any formal treaty between the parties that spells out the status of Israel, per se, or that deals with the relations of the two countries between each other or with how each deals with other entities or countries vis-à-vis that status. Ira Stoll, who once was vice president and managing editor of The (now defunct) New York Sun newspaper, has written, definitively in my opinion, of the need for such a treaty at the Sun website: Jewish national self-determination has found itself so often at the mercy of gentiles[.]...(Read Full Post)