The social 'cost' of carbon is a better life

Nothing better illustrates the stupidity and evil intent of green philosophy than their promotion of a mythical guestimate called the "social cost of carbon" (SCC). They use this bureaucratic weapon to demonize the fabulous fossil fuels that deliver food, heat, light, and power to the modern world. Let's consider life before coal, oil, and gas were harnessed. There was no steel, and there were no cars, tractors, trucks, trains, planes, or electric power.  It was a world of sulkies, sailing boats, and sun-dried food.  Hunters used bows and spears.  Farmers used oxen and wooden ploughs and threshed grain with wooden flails.  Half of all crops grown went to feed draft animals.  Forests surrounding towns were felled for firewood, charcoal, shingles, houses, ships, wagons, and bridges.  Whalers scoured the oceans to produce whale oil for lamps, and dung was collected for fuel.  For most people, life was about hunger and...(Read Full Post)