The never-ending story of election recounts

Jill Stein, the Green Party’s nominee for president, has succeeded in getting Wisconsin to recount the votes in the recently concluded election.  She’s also seeking a recount in Michigan and Pennsylvania.  Her motives and chances for changing election results are for others to comment on.  But there’s a far more concerning factor here: the fact that 16 years after the Florida 2000 recount, America is still conducting election recounts.  They shouldn’t be necessary. But Democrats love recounts, because they can result in overturning elections that produced GOP winners.  Democrats just keep doing recount after recount until they win, and then they shut down the recount process. But why should the last count be more correct than the preceding ones?  In the gubernatorial election of 2004 in Washington state, Republican Dino Rossi won on Election Day with 261 votes.  He then won the first recount by 42 votes.  But after...(Read Full Post)