The Jewish voter as the Democratic Party's battered spouse

Jews voted almost three to one (71% to 24%) for Hillary Clinton over Donald Trump in the recent election despite the Democratic Party's embrace of anti-Semites and racists like Al Sharpton and Jeremiah Wright.  Barack Obama's refusal to veto the United Nations' recent resolution to condemn Israeli settlements in Israel underscores the status of the Jewish voter as the battered spouse who simply cannot bring herself to leave her abusive husband. When someone becomes abused in a relationship, they often don’t have the ability to see the reality of the situation. They are often blinded by their emotional attachments to their lover. All loyal Americans, and not only Jews, should support Israel not for any religious reasons, but rather because Israel is a civilized free nation with values similar to those of the United States. Israel has equal rights for women, equal rights for Christians and Muslims, and legal protections for lesbians and gay people....(Read Full Post)