The Electoral College: The last wall against voter fraud

One of the reasons Democrats hate the Electoral College is that it limits voter fraud. Generally speaking, high levels of illegal voting can occur only if the government looks the other way.  That’s why voter fraud is more rampant in Democrat-run cities like Chicago and states like California than in rural Iowa. Allowing voter fraud, of course, happens only if the people in power believe that the illegal votes will help them. That’s why in the Florida recount of 2001, the Democrats were unconcerned about illegal ballots but desperate to ensure that military ballots weren’t counted.  They knew that illegal votes would tend Democrat, and military votes would tend Republican. That’s also why, in California, illegals were given drivers licenses in early 2016.  If you’ve got a drivers license, it’s a lot easier to vote illegally, especially since the “Motor Voter” law means that people can register to vote when they...(Read Full Post)