The college bowl explains why Hillary Clinton lost

The excuses for why Hillary lost are many, but like in football, if you fumble on your opponent's two-yard line, maybe you don't deserve to win. Consider the University of Michigan vs. The Ohio State University football game Thanksgiving weekend, pitting number 2 against number 3 in Columbus.  With the winner heading to the National Championship playoff, this was a huge game.  Michigan was arguably the better team and didn't disappoint by dominating the stats.  The only problem is that when the clock ticked off the last seconds of the second overtime, Ohio State had three more points. The Sunday morning quarterbacks for Michigan pointed out that the game was rigged.  Ohio State had only one penalty for one yard during regulation and had an offside call in overtime bringing the total penalty yardage for the team to just six.  This in itself was reportedly a record that will probably never be surpassed.  Along with the win, OSU came away...(Read Full Post)