Shocking victories and paradigm shifts: Trump and college football

There is a curious parallel between the shocking victory of Donald Trump and 2016 and that of the University of Alabama in the 1926 Rose Bowl.  Does the paradigm shift that began 90 years ago foreshadow what is to come for the Trump movement? In his Wall Street Journal article "How the South Conquered Football," Andrew Beaton describes how the South came to dominate college football.  And dominate it does.  Ten of the last 11 national championships were won by schools below the Mason-Dixon line.  And the Southeastern Conference is the most feared in college football, although the Big Ten with Urban Myer (Ohio State) and Jim Harbaugh (Michigan) is now starting to make its presence felt. It wasn't always so.  Beaton traces the rise of Southern football prowess to the 1926 Rose Bowl game between Alabama and Washington.  Up until then, the Southern teams were not taken seriously.  Indeed, prior to offering the...(Read Full Post)