Shocker: CNN anchors rebuke sore loser Democrats

Oh no!  The Soros-Podesta-Brock-Hillary crowd have been doing an excellent job of convincing the public that they cannot handle defeat as adults.  Their desperate quest to blame somebody else for their rejection by the voters last month is starting to define the Democrats as sore losers, a perception with roots in the defeat of Al Gore and subsequent recall unpleasantness 16 years ago. The grown-ups remaining in the party are starting to get concerned by the obvious childishness.  Big donors have spoken in private about the need for self-criticism, but until yesterday the leftist media were playing along with the storyline. To my shock, it was CNN anchors Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo (scion of a multigenerational Democrat political dynasty, and therefore someone with an eye to the longer-term prospects for the party) who delivered a remarkable public rebuke: Here is the transcript, via Grabien: CAMEROTA: “As you know, the...(Read Full Post)