Shocker: CNN anchors rebuke sore loser Democrats

Oh no!  The Soros-Podesta-Brock-Hillary crowd have been doing an excellent job of convincing the public that they cannot handle defeat as adults.  Their desperate quest to blame somebody else for their rejection by the voters last month is starting to define the Democrats as sore losers, a perception with roots in the defeat of Al Gore and subsequent recall unpleasantness 16 years ago.

The grown-ups remaining in the party are starting to get concerned by the obvious childishness.  Big donors have spoken in private about the need for self-criticism, but until yesterday the leftist media were playing along with the storyline.

To my shock, it was CNN anchors Alisyn Camerota and Chris Cuomo (scion of a multigenerational Democrat political dynasty, and therefore someone with an eye to the longer-term prospects for the party) who delivered a remarkable public rebuke:

Here is the transcript, via Grabien:

CAMEROTA: “As you know, the electors vote on Monday, and obviously the panel there is of many different minds, some of them conflicting. They’re holding out hope, they’re not holding out hope, maybe there’s divine intervention, maybe something in Washington can be done, they don’t really think anything can be done... I mean, they are still processing.”
CUOMO: “Did you feel the urge to tell them to ‘Shut up, it’s over. Get on with it. Start focusing on something productive?’” 
CAMEROTA: “Yeah, we worked our way around to ‘Let’s all just accept reality, folks,’ and ‘What is your plan?’”
CUOMO: “Their plan is to be upset.” 
CAMEROTA: “No, that’s not their plan, actually. Next week we’ll show you part two of their plan.” 
CUOMO: “What’s the plan? Oh, you can’t give it away?”
CAMEROTA: “Yes, I’m teasing it. They have a plan. They have an action plan.” 
CUOMO: “What do you mean ‘they’? You mean like these individuals or the Democrats?” 
CAMEROTA: “These individuals that I’m talking to have an action plan. They’re not just sitting around and sulking. They have an action plan and I will reveal that next week.” 
CUOMO: “You know, there’s an inconsistency of discussion about the Electoral College. You know, what it was for, what it is meant for today, why people want it, why people don’t, and so much of it is divorced from history and about political agenda of the moment.” 
CAMEROTA: “Yes, it is a political football that will be tossed around on Monday and then, obviously, these folks. They’re not alone. There are Democrats who are still holding out hope that something is going to happen.”
CUOMO: “False hope.”
CAMEROTA: “It is false hope.” 
CUOMO: “One of the main lessons in politics, I grew up in it, is you have to learn how to lose. That’s something we’re seeing play out in real-time. Good piece, though. Good points.”

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