Recounts over, Trump wins...and Democrats now claim interference

On December 12, the useless Wisconsin recount  confirmed what we all knew already: Trump won Wisconsin. On December 9, the Michigan federal court dismissed Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein's suit for a recount in Michigan. On December 12, as expected, the federal court in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania dismissed Stein's suit to order a statewide recount.  Stein had filed suit in federal court after she withdrew her Pennsylvania state court suit because the Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court had ordered her to post a one-million-dollar bond.  Stein did not want to spend the money on the bond for what her lawyers knew was a losing case, so she tried in federal court instead. The best part of Judge Diamond's opinion was the total rejection of Stein's "expert witness," who submitted an affidavit that the voting machines could be hacked because the emails of the DNC and John Podesta had been hacked.  It is obvious...(Read Full Post)