Patriotic Democratic electors follow their conscience, defect from Clinton

It is now official: per the U.S. Constitution, the electors of the Electoral College met on Monday and, following the wishes of their voters, officially chose Donald Trump (R) as the 45th president of the U.S.  Despite (because of?) the desperately deplorable acts and wishes of the irredeemable. "Racist, sexist, xenophobic, you name it" Hillary Clinton supporters, decency trumped hate.  The Trump electors cast their ballots for Trump as they were elected to do; two from Texas defected.  Thus, Trump's election victory of November 8, when he easily accumulated well over the 270 electoral votes necessary to win, was officially validated. However, some of the Democratic electors appeared to take my advice by choosing not to vote for Hillary R. Clinton (D).  Without any fanfare or hate or disruption or begging from Trump supporters (unlike their lefty counterparts), several Hillary electors surprisingly defected, casting...(Read Full Post)