NYT okays nullification of gay marriage, abortion, bathroom laws

An editorial in the New York Times, "Proud to be a Sanctuary City," cheered on New York City, applauding its efforts to protect illegal aliens while at the same time maintaining that it is not violating federal law: The word “sanctuary” as Mr. Trump deploys it -- a place where immigrant criminals run amok, shielded from the long arm of federal law -- is grossly misleading, because cities with “sanctuary” policies cannot obstruct federal enforcement and do not try to. Instead, they do what they can to welcome and support immigrants, including the unauthorized, and choose not to participate in deportation crackdowns they see as unjust, self-defeating and harmful to public safety. When cities do not obey federal law and do not cooperate with federal authorities on reporting illegal aliens, they are violating federal law. No amount of obfuscation can change that. A groundbreaking City Council program has provided free legal...(Read Full Post)