MSNBC’s worst year ever

What do get when you combine arrogance, condescension, and ignorance?  That’s right: MSNBC (except for Morning Joe, some days).

So, in dealing with the rise of Donald Trump and the movement of deplorables, the net had…uh…a little trouble understanding what was about to befall it (again, except for Morning Joe, some days).

Our friends at the Washington Free Beacon have assembled a compilation of the worst moments of the network.

That’s repulsive enough to limit the potential audience, but after all, we live in a media market that consists of niche audiences, and there are enough angry, frustrated, arrogant Trump-haters out there to sustain the network, if it plays its cards right.  That said, Al Gore’s Current TV overplayed the fevered leftist role and had to be bailed out by Qatar, a medieval petro-monarchy that enforces sharia, but whose money was good enough for greedy Gore.

But if MSNBC commits suicide on the Current TV model, there won’t be another oil-enriched dictatorship to bail it out.  Not at $50 a barrel.

Who’s left as Plan B?  China?

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