‘Celebrate our successes and look forward to the revolution rolling into 2017,’ with Nigel Farage

The flip-side of schadenfreude is gloating.  Both are seductive, pleasurable, and dangerous to the souls of those who over-indulge.  Yet both have an irresistible pull, especially after years of abuse by those being humiliated as the butt of the jokes.

If there is a day to over-indulge, it is New Year’s Eve.  And in the political sphere, there is a huge cohort that has been demonized, degraded, and all but destroyed at the hands of people richer, more famous, and more powerful.

So here is a little guilty pleasure from Nigel Farage, a man I love to listen to.  I am a sucker for an educated English accent, though I hate to admit it.  In this video on Twitter, he addresses a British audience and speaks mostly of Brexit, which his party, the UKIP (U.K. Independence Party), won, and which therefore he no longer needs to lead.  But he is also addressing the prospects for nationalist parties aware of the threat of jihad in other countries, specifically addressing the prospects of Marine Le Pen in France.

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