Military Millennials gone wild

It didn’t much matter which uniform they were wearing; our young men and women in the service academies gave the left a little dose of their own medicine at Saturday’s annual Army-Navy football game.  And as the oft repeated phrase goes, “it was a beautiful thing.”  Of course, you’d hardly know it if your only source of news is the mainstream media.  But if you search long and hard, you can find the cadets mercilessly mocking the left.  From the Independent Journal Review: Both academies, typically steeped in on-the-record respect for elected officials and mandated political correctness, let loose in their own ways, mocking the many movements of the political Left. Make sure you hit the IJR link, as the pictures really are worth a thousand words – not to mention the long, sustained roar of approval from the crowd that barely received two seconds of audio up full on any of the major networks – that is, if they...(Read Full Post)