Michigan recount stopped

The Michigan federal court dismissed the Stein suit that requested a hand recount of the entire state, agreeing with the State Court of Appeals that Stein is not an aggrieved person.  In plain English, this means that Stein has no chance of winning the Michigan election, so why bother doing a recount?  If Hillary wanted a recount, then she should have requested it. This means that with Michigan finished, there is no chance for Stein to overturn the election.  It is over.  She should drop her ridiculous suit in federal court in Pennsylvania, scheduled for a hearing on Friday, December 9.  She has no evidence of fraud and is not an aggrieved person.  The court should sanction her with court costs and award counsel fees and costs to Trump’s attorneys and any other defendant for defending this frivolous suit. Stein had originally filed suit claiming that the voting machines could have been hacked because someone had hacked the emails of the DNC...(Read Full Post)