Liberal hysterics over Trump a windfall for activist causes

It's a fact that tapping into people's fears for the future is a far more potent fundraising weapon than appealing to the better angels of their nature.  That said, the unprecedented outpouring of hysteria on the left over the election of Donald Trump makes any previous appeal to the fears of ordinary voters by either party pale by comparison. Since election day, we have seen liberal meltdowns all over the media as commentators try to outdo each other predicting Armageddon because of Trump's victory.  The consequence of this is that many activists have heeded the call that there's an emergency of unprecedented proportions and the country can be saved only by giving cash to liberal organizations. The Guardian: From smaller local organizations to household names such as Planned Parenthood and the ACLU, nonprofit organizations across the US reported fundraising tallies many magnitudes higher than in previous years as they...(Read Full Post)