Let's have an open Obamacare debate

According to news reports, the Democrats want to fight for the Affordable Care Act: Senate Democrats are issuing a new warning to Republicans plotting a quick repeal of Obamacare next year: Don't count on us to help replace it. "It they break this, they own it," said Sen. Patty Murray, who will be the third-ranking Senate Democrat in the new Congress. "They have failed to come up with any plausible way to provide care and health care insurance for so many people. If they take it away, they better tell us how to fix it because they broke it." I can't wait for Democrats to fight for it on the record.  Let's have actual votes, not campaign speeches, about Obamacare.  Let's really see how many Democrats will stand up and defend a program that is not working. Unlike before, the GOP will actually present a plan to replace Obamacare with.  It's not just repealing the existing law.  It is putting an alternative on the...(Read Full Post)