It’s Babylon for the Democrats

The fury and ferocity we have seen from the liberal left is only beginning.  Their jeers have turned to tears, but those will soon boil away into a frenzy of frantic attacks on the new president-elect, Donald J. Trump. Many of us have been focused on the repeal of Obamacare, and the reversal of Obama’s numerous and illegal executive orders, as the main issues of the election. On the other side, however, it is the fear of the appointment of a strongly conservative majority on the Supreme Court, which now drives the rage of the Democrats – and well it might.  Unable to persuade ordinary Americans to enact their radical agenda, the left has long ago become accustomed to turning to the courts, instead of to the elected legislature.  Their last and final redoubt (the judiciary) is soon to be overrun by us, whom they regard as barbarians. For Democrats, then, the nightmare has begun.  Before the election, liberals had been gleefully salivating at...(Read Full Post)