Hillary: Attack on Her Campaign is An Attack On Our Country

On December 15, 2016, Hillary Clinton, meeting with her donors in New York City, blamed her loss on the “Russians” and James Comey’s letter eleven (11) days before the election to re-open the email investigation. 

She parroted the Obama/Democratic Party/MSM talking points that the Russians “interfered” with our election to help Trump by saying

"This is not just an attack on me and my campaign, although that may have added fuel to it. This is an attack against our country. We are well beyond normal political concerns here. This is about the integrity of our democracy and the security of our nation."

Hillary, Obama, and the Democrats view the release of the Podesta and DNC emails as an attack on our country. The truth is that if she and Obama had not lied, and if she had not sold access to the State Department, then there would have been nothing to hack and release.  The release of the emails is an attack on Hillary for her lying and corruption.  It is not an attack on our country.  It benefitted our country that we had the documentation of Hillary’s lying and corruption.

 Hillary is following the lead of Harry Reid who said the hacking and release of the emails is the same as the September 11, 2001 attack.

This is now the Democratic Party line: the hacking and release of the emails is an attack on the United State.  Hillary, Obama, and the Dems/MSM do not dispute the veracity and accuracy of the contents of the emails.  They contend that it is  an attack on the United States to reveal that Hillary lied, Obama lied when he said he did not know about Hillary’s use of a private email server until he heard about it on the TV news, that Hillary sold access to the State Department, and that her staff mocked Catholics.  Revealing the truth is now considered by Obama and Hillary to be an attack on our country

This coordinated attack by Hillary/Obama on the elections is occurring immediately before the December 19, 2016 date when the Electoral College electors meet to vote for the Presidency.  Trump has won the states with 306 EC votes.  Various groups are trying to persuade at least 37 EC electors from the states that Trump won to not vote for Trump so he does not get a majority of the votes cast.

These groups, aided by the inflammatory rhetoric of Obama and Hillary, are trying to nullify the election results.  They want to convince enough electors to vote for Hillary or someone else to lower Trump’s EC vote to less than a majority of the EC votes cast or a tie with Hillary that would throw the election to the House.  Or, to give Hillary majority of the votes cast to win the Presidency. If it goes to the House Trump will win, but this will delay implementation of the Trump agenda and weaken his presidency, which is the goal of the Democrats.

This will not happen, yet Obama and Hillary are fueling this move with their irresponsible attacks to question the validity of the election and undermine the Trump presidency. 

Hillary lost but she refuses to go silently into the night. She blames Comey and the Russians for her loss.  Trump was gracious in victory by saying he did not want to “hurt” Hillary, implying he does not want to prosecute her.  Hillary did not accept this peace offering.  Instead she is the old Hillary, a lying power hungry political hack. She feels confident and emboldened because Trump implied he will not prosecute her.

 She deserves to be prosecuted for her breach of national security and selling access to the State Department.  It is beyond hypocrisy for her to complain that the Russians, or the Martians, hacked Podesta’s and the DNC emails that caused her to lose the election.  She endangered the security of our country by using a private email server that even Comey said could be hacked by “hostile actors.”

The Trump Justice Department should appoint a Special Prosecutor to do justice once and for all to Hillary.

Obama is finished but continues to divide the country, as he has done for the past eight years, before he left for his last taxpayer-funded vacation in Hawaii.

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