Headlines from Latin America 2016

Donald Trump's campaign, and eventual election, took most of the attention in these pages as well as in the world.  Nevertheless, some interesting things happened south of the border that will show up on President Trump's agenda sooner rather than later. Let's start with Cuba.  Fidel Castro died, and this is the one story most likely to impact President Trump in 2017.     What will President Trump do with President Obama's policy toward Cuba?  I hope he keeps the U.S. embassy but immediately takes a stand that the embargo will stay until the Cuban government changes its ways.    Cuba after Fidel Castro will continue to be the same economic wreck.  It means that President Trump will have all the cards – the same ones President Obama refused to play. What happens in Cuba?  Raúl Castro will have to make a choice very soon.  Does he reform or keep the failing show on the air?  No one is...(Read Full Post)