Google falsely claims to be powered by windmills

Remember how windmills were used in the 19th century to slowly turn a wheel that could grind corn meal?  Well, Google has proudly announced that its thousands of servers are being powered by this cutting-edge technology.  Except that they are not. Last year, Google consumed as much energy as the city of San Francisco. Next year, it said, all of that energy will come from wind farms and solar panels. That's a lie.  When Google lies, why doesn't the New York Times headline its piece saying "Google falsely claims," as it does about Trump? The online giant said on Tuesday that all of its data centers around the world will be entirely powered with renewable energy sources sometime next year. Another lie. This is not to say that Google computers will consume nothing but wind and solar power. That's what the Times just said in the previous sentences. Like almost any company, Google gets power from a power...(Read Full Post)