Exploiting our servicemen

A disgusting and shameless commercial came on while I was enjoying a cup of coffee recently, one of several employing actors in camouflage military uniforms (sans official insignia, etc.) to sell products, in this case automobiles.  It appears that the companies and their advertising hacks want to tap into the recent support for our military to convey that purchasing whatever they are selling is somehow patriotic. As a veteran, watching the nation embrace its soldiers, sailors, airmen, and Marines is uplifting.  During another unpopular war, that was definitely not the case.  Today, as during the past 15 years, we observe genuine expressions of support and gratitude.  Consequently, the esteem in which our military is held has risen.  Unfortunately, there are those seeking to capitalize upon this hard earned esteem for their own political or commercial purposes. One of the most disgusting examples of using members of the military for rank...(Read Full Post)