Cut the supply line

To use a military analogy, you don’t win a war by focusing only what is in front of you.  You may win that battle but lose the war.  One approach is to look behind the lines and see what is the adversary’s supply line – i.e., what sustains those at the front.

The same can be applied to politics.  The so-called progressives are up in arms over losing their ability to inflict further harm upon mainstream America.  How do we prevent their resurgence so America may prosper again?  We attack what sustains them, what enables them, what carries their water, so to speak: the so-called mainstream press.  Forget “fake news,” of which they have created their share.  It is the no-news that must be targeted.

The only way Americans could learn what was going on during the election was to look to alternative news sources, such as Drudge Report, Fox News, and others that reported both sides.  The progressives and their enabling MSM vilified these other news sources as racist, homophobic, xenophobic, what have you, and tried to shame anyone who quoted them.

No freedom-loving person would ever favor censorship, but that is what the MSM are doing.  The MSM were once the gatekeepers of the news.  They determined what we heard and what we did not, and they still see themselves that way.  However, in recent years, alternative news sources have assured that we know more than the MSM want to tell us.  The progressives fear an informed electorate.  Some have asked, how could anyone could have voted for someone as glaringly corrupt as Hillary Clinton?  I suggest that many may have done so because they were not informed by the MSM of the level of her depravity.  Many others, sadly enough, simply did not care.  Some blame, of course, is on the voters who did not take the opportunity to learn the truth.

We need not and should not censor the MSM.  Different viewpoints are healthy.  We do need, however, to push alternative news sources more into the spotlight and redefine what are mainstream media.  Already approximately 75% of Americans do not trust the current MSM.  All Americans should be well informed if we are to have a responsible nation.  A good place to start would be the White House Press Room.  It has 49 seats, and the MSM traditionally sit up front.  Why should that continue?  As many W.H. press conferences are televised, let America start seeing other news sources up front and asking the tough questions.  That would be a good start on bringing them forward.

There needs to be a concerted effort to let America know every time the MSM fail to report relevant news.  A real journalist is not outwardly ideological or political.  His job is to report the news, and ours is to digest it, but we need all the news for proper digestion.  Eventually, more and more people will learn what sources are reliable.  This may require going to different sites to get different viewpoints, which will eventually have the effect of refining whom they trust more.

Simply put, we need to hear what we need to hear, not what we want to hear.