Photos reveal the grim mood at Hillary’s lavish event for rich and powerful donors last night

The smoking ruins of shattered dreams still smells awful for Democrats.  While members of the pundit class melt down on TV, the donor class is demanding more introspection than its members have yet seen on the part of the candidacy that took their money and delivered bupkis.  So maybe an extravagant get-together at the Plaza Hotel wasn’t such a great idea.

The irrepressible U.K. Daily Mail covered the event the way it ought to be covered, a journalistic feat that somehow eludes our best and brightest most of the time.  Here are a couple of  bullet-points summarizing the article with the pictures that tell the story.

·  Clinton was pictured looking glum as she arrived at the Plaza Hotel on Thursday

Look at those eyes!  She looks as though she's ready to go stiff.  Where's Badge Man when you need him?

She looks more like someone on her way to a hanging (her own) than to a party.

·  Vogue editor Anna Wintour hid her face as she made her way into the party

Compare and contrast with a fundraiser before the election:

Who hides her face from photographers, aside from defendants on their way to trial?

Maybe the season will soften my heart.  But not too soon, please.  I am having too much fun.