Cuba's future and President Trump

Not since President Kennedy has a U.S. president been in such a position to have an impact on Cuba.   Of course, President Kennedy fumbled on the Bay of Pigs.  He followed that with a better performance in the Missile Crisis but did not force the USSR to take Castro out along with the missiles.     After that, it really came down to waiting for Castro to die or to get overthrown.  The U.S. was not going to invade a Soviet satellite, and Castro used MiGs and tanks to put down the Escambray rebellion of the late 1960s.  (By the way, my friend Enrique G. Encinosa wrote about this war in exquisite detail.  The translation of the title is The Forgotten War, the uprising against Castro that was brutally crushed town by town.  It was horrific, and someone should be charged with war crimes against civilians.) President Trump has two choices: he can continue the Obama bailout of Cuba or pull the plug. First, Cuba is a disaster that no...(Read Full Post)