Cubans going hungry so tourists can eat well?

We will celebrate this week the second anniversary of President Obama's new approach toward Cuba.  It was full of "hope and change," but it's more hopeless, and Cuba has not changed. This is what we can say about the last 24 months: First, the U.S. has an embassy in Havana with a picture of Che nearby. Second, the Tampa Bay Rays played an exhibition game last March. Third, life is arguably worse today for dissidents. Fourth, and most critical, the tourists are eating all the food! This is a fascinating report from The New York Times: The changes in Cuba in recent years have often hinted at a new era of possibilities: a slowly opening economy, warming relations with the United States after decades of isolation, a flood of tourists meant to lift the fortunes of Cubans long marooned on the outskirts of modern prosperity. But the record arrival of nearly 3.5 million visitors to Cuba last year has caused a surging demand for food,...(Read Full Post)