A fire in Oakland

Over 30 people died this weekend in the fire at that Oakland "artist's colony."  People were living in a warehouse in violation of law.  Vast amounts of current were being run through a substandard electrical system.  Where were the City and Alameda County inspectors?  Why didn't they run the people out and make sure there was a working sprinkler system? Check this out: in 2015, Craig K. Chew, the assistant chief of inspectors, made $362,211, $147,000 of which was "benefits."  The Alameda County administrator Susan Muranishi made $729,162 in 2015, of which $313,503 was in "benefits," which included bonuses.  The Alameda County sheriff, Greg Ahern, made $627,935 in that one year.  Was he enforcing fire regulations?  Was he taking people out of those trailers that were illegal?  Trump should investigate these people with a federal task force and special prosecutor for not doing their...(Read Full Post)