A fire in Oakland

Over 30 people died this weekend in the fire at that Oakland "artist's colony."  People were living in a warehouse in violation of law.  Vast amounts of current were being run through a substandard electrical system.  Where were the City and Alameda County inspectors?  Why didn't they run the people out and make sure there was a working sprinkler system?

Check this out: in 2015, Craig K. Chew, the assistant chief of inspectors, made $362,211, $147,000 of which was "benefits."  The Alameda County administrator Susan Muranishi made $729,162 in 2015, of which $313,503 was in "benefits," which included bonuses. 

The Alameda County sheriff, Greg Ahern, made $627,935 in that one year.  Was he enforcing fire regulations?  Was he taking people out of those trailers that were illegal?  Trump should investigate these people with a federal task force and special prosecutor for not doing their jobs.

California gets over $4,000 a year in federal "block grants" for each illegal immigrant.  Some of them may have been trapped in those trailers, hidden in that building.  How many more are there?

This has got to end.

Source of public info: transparentcalifornia.com salaries for Alameda County.

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