What it means to say liberalism is dead

In the last 50 years, liberalism would make a gain in culture or law and then lock that gain in with political correctness – that is, it was not morally proper to criticize that liberal advance.  Hence a liberal ratchet, which has brought the country to its current low estate.

Note, for instance, the intake of breath as Trump broke P.C. crockery in his description of problematic immigrants.  The MSM thought that incident alone would destroy his candidacy.  But there was sturm und drang in the MSM, and then, as the smoke cleared, there was Trump, standing and unruffled.

Trump's victory has shown that we traditional Americans ("conservative" has come to have no useful meaning in light of the Trump campaign) can fight polemically and actually have a duty to do so.

To say that liberalism is dead is not to say that the beast is lying prone.  Rather, we can now see the path to putting liberalism in that condition – over time – by fighting, and only by fighting, for our intellectual and cultural  homesteads.  And that we now have a duty to do so.  The wreckage created by liberalism in the last 50 years must be, and can be, driven back.

In human affairs, it is not the fight that is upsetting.  It is inaction.  It is being a victim.  It is watching something beloved being destroyed.  We humans love to fight.  And now we know we must fight – intellectually, culturally, and legally –  and can fight to save America as a constitutional republic.

Trump has shown the path to putting liberalism down.