Hate crimes against Muslims in America rise to slightly above zero

The Muslims-are-victims propaganda mill that has been operating ever since 09/11/01 went into overdrive when Donald Trump won the presidential election.  Not a day passes without a story about a young Muslim child being told that Donald Trump hates Muslims, so now their lives will be full of discrimination and hatred.

Continuing with that theme, the media has breathlessly reported a 67% increase in hate crimes against Muslims in 2015.  That's a big increase!  That probably means the absolute number of alleged hate crimes against Muslims in this nation of 330 millions must be some huge number, like...50,000?  20,000?  10,000?  At least 5,000?


The total number of alleged hate crimes against all Americans was 5,818 in 2015.  The 257 alleged hate crimes against Muslims was about 5% of the total.  Ninety-five percent of hate crimes were against other groups, especially Jews.

But the headline at the New York Times was "Attacks on Muslim Americans Fuel Increase in Hate Crime, F.B.I. Says," breathlessly focusing on less than 5% of all hate crimes, which in turn is far less than 1% of all crimes (I guess the other crimes, including rape and murder not motivated by bigotry, don't count).

The fact is, there are still almost zero "hate crimes" against Muslims in America.  America is the most tolerant country in the world.  However, there are hate crimes committed by Muslims against other Americans, as the victims of the San Bernardino shootings, the Fort Hood shootings, the Boston Marathon bombings, the more recent Cascade Mall shooting, and more.  But the Times article doesn't focus on that kind of hate.

The truth is that the safest place in the world for Muslims is America (which is why so many Muslims want to emigrate here).  Muslims are slaughtering Muslims (and Christians, when they can find them) in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Nigeria, Libya, Lebanon, and Turkey, just to name a few.  But the facts don't fit at all with the media's Islamophilia-driven obsession to paint Muslims as victims of intolerant Americans.

Ed Straker is the senior writer at NewsMachete.com.